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Mindset Migration is a non-profit organization established to promote a renewed sense of thought, self confidence and purpose in our youth.  The organization focuses on the youth's inner ability and self-worth as a positive contributor to society.


Mindset Migration: cultivating, renewing, and molding the minds our youth for a mental journey to success.


Discipline, faith, humility, and respect for others are the leading core values for our youth and organization. 


The Company



Mindset Migration is a non-profit organization located in Frisco, Texas.  We are dedicated to promoting a renewed sense of thought, self confidence and purpose in our youth; focusing on their inner ability and self-worth as a positive contributor to society.  Mindset Migrations primary goal is to elevate our youth's consciousness above the limits of their adverse circumstances and conditions, focusing on the limitless possibilities of their future, driven heavily by leadership, mathematics, science and technology.


Many factors negatively influence our youths psyche and contribute to their lack of hope, low expectations and low self-esteem.  Too often our youth do not know who they are, later becoming a product of a negative environment and not recognizing the God given potential within to overcome and succeed in life.  Although parenting and positive reinforcement starts at home, many of our youth are disadvantaged in this regard.  Their lack of self-awareness creates vulnerabilities and negative enablers that influence their lives. High school dropouts, inner city killings, drugs, teen pregnancy, and suicides are increasing at rapid rates among our youth.  Mindset Migration will emphasize discipline, faith, humility, and respect for others as the leading core values for our youth.  These core values will be reinforced by team work, dedication, and persistence.


Gaining our youth's mind share and increasing their intellectual capital is Mindset Migrations primary mission.  We will offer a variety of thought provoking workshops, educational services and mentor based programs to advance our youth. 

Our Team

Mindset Migration is governed by its leadership team and Board of Directors who establishes the overall policy for providing direction for the organization.  The Board of Directors offers a broad range of experience and services that will contribute to overall mission of developing our youth.



Kevin Matthews, President and Founder
D'Oyle Clark, Secretary
Vincent Humphrey, Treasurer



Gregory Gilbert – The University of Southern California
Tyrie Jamerson – Near Future
Edward Thomas – Dallas Housing Authority



Seeking the trust and confidence of our donors is a high priority for Mindset Migration.  Our goal is to always remain consistent and transparent with our financials regarding the overall mission of serving our youth.


If you would like financial information from previous years or the current year’s estimated budget, please e-mail us at



Mindset Migration and its staff are committed to protecting the confidential information of its donors.  Mindset Migration will not sell; trade or otherwise share a donor's personal information with any other entity.  In addition, any donor can opt out of receiving communications from Mindset Migration, including print and/or electronic communications by contacting us at:


Or by mail:
3411 Preston Road, Suite C13-210, Frisco, TX 75034.



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