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Volunteer & Needs

Donating your time and talent to Mindset Migration will truly make an impact in changing the path of our youth as they progress through life.  Mindset Migration is actively seeking volunteers to assist in the mental journey of our youth's success.  


Please complete the volunteer form and forward to

A complete background check will be performed with our third party security service.  We will notify you upon approval and place your form on file as you deliver your time and services to the organization.

We are in need of volunteers to assist in the following areas:
•Tutors & Teachers: Math, Science and Reading
•Mentors: Social Skills, Etiquette and Diversity
•Administrative Assistance
•Computer Scientist and Engineers
•College Career Planners & Counselors

We are in need of the following products and materials:
•Lap top computers
•Computer projectors (Proxima)
•Notebooks, pencils, calculators, rulers, protractors, backpacks
•Lego and Erector sets (ages 5 -19)
•Educational games and study books for math, reading and science (ages 5 - 19)

Volunteer Day

Exposure and learning through science & technology workshops, field trips and fairs.

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